SKU - TW-051123-08

Centy Queen 70’s Classic (Dark Blue)


SKU - TW-051123-08

Centy Queen 70’s Classic (Dark Blue)


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Product Description

Centy Queen 70’s Classic (Dark Blue)

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Brand: Centy Toys


Product Packaging Dimensions (Approx): 17.8cm x 16.4cm x 4.8cm

Approx Car length 12cm

Made of Plastic.

Comes in a Card and Blister Packaging.

Please note that that the product’s packaging might not be in the mint condition due to wear and tear during transit. But the actual product will be damage free.

Ideal product for kids as well as for Collectors. Can be used for Playing, Showcase Display, Work-desk Display, Photography, etc.

Please note that Quality Control and Quality Checks are responsibility of the manufacturer (Centy Toys). We at ‘Tooney Wheels’ will not take any responsibility if the product inside the box has any quality issues.