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Shipments And Returns

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 working days after receipt of payment. We use Shiprocket as our shipment manager and the delivery partner is chosen as per the latest delivery date.


Shipping fees include packing fees as well as postage costs. We use all kinds of packaging materials to keep the products safe during transit. Each and every product on our website is considered as ‘Fragile’ and special care is taken while packaging these products. Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected. All the outer boxes are labelled as ‘Fragile’ which indicates the Delivery company to take proper care while handling at each and every step in transit. We do not accept ‘Damage during Transit’ claims. But as we take proper care and precautions, the probability of ‘Damage during Transit’ is almost negligible.


We closely monitor the shipment status even after the shipment is dispatched from our end till it reaches your doorstep. Shipments might get delayed due to technical issue at delivery partner’s end or some external unavoidable circumstances like natural calamities, lockdown, movement restrictions, etc. In such cases as well our team will be in constant touch with the delivery partner to make the package reach your doorstep as early as possible.


We do not accept returns in case of wear and tear marks on the product packaging. Few Wear and Tear marks like creases or minor cracks might appear on the product packaging (card, blister or box) which form on the packages even during the storage in our warehouse. We do not take guarantee of the product packaging to be in 100% mint condition when it reaches your doorstep.


If you are a carded/boxed collector, do mention it in the message section while placing the order. We will try out best to find out the best packaged box/card available in stock. If no such package is found we will contact the customer with the photos of the available package. If the customer is ok with that available packaging, we will ship the product within 2 working days after receipt of confirmation from the customer. If the customer is not ok with the available packaging, we will immediately cancel the order and issue an immediate 100% refund which generally gets credited into the Original Source of payment mode within 3 working days.


Due to any technical error from our side, if the customer receives a completely different product than the ordered one, customer can contact us via Phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or E-mail. Our team member will get back to you as early as possible. In these cases, an immediate Return order will be placed from our side and a courier service will contact you and pick up the package from the customer’s doorstep. Please make sure that the customer needs to pack all the products as they were and no product packaging should be opened. On receiving such package, we will ship the actual ordered products to the customer at no extra cost. In cases, wherein the ordered product is Out of Stock, we will issue an immediate 100% refund which generally gets credited into the Original Source of payment mode within 3 working days.